Editorial Report - £150

First level:

  • Detailed editorial notes (3 pages)
  • Breakdown of what to fix, and how
  • Suggestions for where to submit/query

Structural Edit - £350

All of the previous plus:

  • Detailed editorial report (5 pages)
  • Critique of your plot and pacing
  • Notes on character development

Line Edit - £650

All of the previous plus:

  • Comprehensive language edits
  • Review of tone, grammar, perspective
  • Feedback on dialogue and narration

Creative Strategy Session

You know the way you thought you wouldn’t need business skills as an artist? Yeah, you were wrong. (Sorry)

Because while you were perfecting your craft, you weren’t given the opportunity to treat it as a career.

Or you’re so close to your work that you can’t see the wood for the trees and you need someone to hold your hand as you take a big step back.

Or maybe you have half a dozen competing projects that all seem equally exciting and you have no idea where to start.

Put the kettle on, sit down and let someone who’s been there walk you through your next steps, get clarity over what it actually is you want to do or help you write a business plan/book outline/project plan/funding application.

Price: £75 for a one-hour session

[Note: The majority of these will be over Skype but if you’re based in Edinburgh or Glasgow and want to do this over coffee and cake somewhere, that’s an option!]


Kaite runs regular workshops around the Central Belt of Scotland on creative writing, breaking into freelance journalism, setting (and meeting) your creative goals and researching historical fiction. She’s previously given guest lectures at the University of Glasgow and the University of Stirling, and been commissioned to run workshops for the National Library of Scotland and the Southbank Centre, London.

If you’re interested in hiring her for your school, writing group or community please drop her a line